Directory Application

To submit your site for listing in the Starlighter Alternative Directory, simply fill out and return the form below. The following is a list of the fields on the application form and everything you need to know to fill it out correctly:

First and last name fields: So that we may properly address you, we require that you provide your first name and though we prefer that you give your last name as well, it is not required.

E-mail address: We require a valid e-mail address so that we may send you notices of confirmation, application errors or new features added to the directory for you to take advantage of.

Web site name Obviously this is a must but please keep it brief. Please place "catch phrases" and ad slogans in the site description. The site name should be only a few words at maximum.

Web site address: Be sure to include the "http://" on the front of your address and be sure it's accurate! This is a BAD place for typos!

Site type: Please note if your site is a commercial site. Also, if your site features information above and beyond advertisements, note that as well. This helps steer both shoppers and information seekers in the right direction.

Topic: Enter the CODE for your desired topic from the topic list (below the form). Since some topics from different areas have the same name, these codes will insure that you are in the right area. You may select up to 3 topics (separated by commas) but be SURE they are relevant to your site's subject matter. We reserve the right to remove listings from topic areas in which they are not appropriate. If you feel that we need to add a topic, you can suggest a new topic name in place of a topic code. An example of a properly filled topic field might look like this:
This would specify "Fortune Telling" and "Tarot" and request a new category called "Tea Leaves"

Description: Although optional, you have very little reason to omit this. There is a 25 word limit on the description primarily because most people we polled prefered shorter and more concise site descriptions. Rejection notices are no fun for anybody so please take the time to count your words.

Keywords: To better position your site with the search engine, you may specify up to 25 keywords to help attract more hits.

Note: For privacy reasons, your name and e-mail address will NOT be published in this directory unless you specifically use them in the site name or description fields.

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Your web site address:   (Required)

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