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I Quit Smoking Tips - An easy, effective and step by step way to Quit smoking. Reviews and raking of the top 5 quit smoking products. Information and resources on how to quit smoking now.
I C Healthy 1st - Usana Health Sciences product page. Vitamins, minerals, weight loss and skin care. Complete nutrition on the cellular level.
I C Sleep Disorders Guide - A comprehensive information guide about sleep disorders. Descriptions, symptoms, causes, treatments of various sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, restless legs and narcolepsy.
I C Holistic Therapy Consultant / Free Healing Now - Holistic Therapy Consultations.Holistic Treatments Consultations in person,online,phone. FREE Healing NOW. Reiki workshops/attunements in person/distant. Information, advice and suggestions to improve your health, change your life, all simple, all free
I Third Eye Health : Instant Vision Correction - Opening third eye chakra for eye health and instant vision correction imparts instantaneous energy to the act of seeing. Anyone can do it instantaneously.
I C Holistic Therapy Consultant - Holistic Therapy Consultations. Treatments-Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Thai Massage, Surya Shakti, Kundalini, Ayurveda Reiki. Free Healing NOW
I C Usana - Online Pharmaceutical-Grade Nutritional Supplements. Buy USANA Online, USANA Health Sciences store, USANA suppliments, USANA weight loss products, and USANA Sense' skin care range.
C Live Blood Cell Analysis - With a live and dried blood analysis the following can be identified; Cholesterol,Vitamin deficiency, Parasites, Hormone , imbalance, Mycotoxins, yeast, trained by Dr Robert Young
Holistic Therapy Consultant - Holistic Therapy Consultations. Free Healing NOW. Reiki attunements in person or distant. Information, advice and suggestions improve your health and change your life all simple all free
C Holistic Therapy Consultant - Holistic Therapy Consultations. Treatments-Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Thai Massage, Surya Shakti, Kundalini, Ayurveda Reiki. FREE Healing NOW. Reiki attunements
I C Personal Trainer Albany, Schenectady, Troy, New York, NY, Nikken Products - In home personal training services and products for a healthy lifestyle. Providing services in Albany and Schenectady in New York. Nikken Products.
I C Columbus Ohio Chiropractic - Dr. Ronald J. Farabaugh and his staff are committed to helping the Columbus Ohio area achieve exceptional health and a more fulfilling life through chiropractic.
I Sedona Information - A Sedona visitor directory of all businesses and services including spiritual information, alternative health treatments, retreats,and local activities.
I C Tortue Rouge organic natural health products for people and animals - organic aromatherapy essential oils & pure base oils, Bach flower essences and combinaltions, herbal tinctures & dried herbs
I C A Way 2 Better Health - Pam Fettu, a Classical Homeopath, in San Diego County, offers her services of homepathy and natural healing.
I C USANA Nutritionals - Save up to 45% on USANA Nutritionals and Healthcare Products. World Class products and big savings!
Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic - Cure back pain, sciatica, neck pain and lower back pain with chiropractic. And locate an experienced chiropractor in Naperville with us.
I C College Of Naturopathic Medicine UK - College Of Naturopathic Medicine UK offers diploma courses and training in Naturopathy, Naturopathic Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Homeopathy.
I C - Wondrous Herbs, organic maca, hoodia gordonii, Camu camu, a range of herbal organics for better health. Natural medicine source.
I C Toggle It! - Toggling accesses the healing energy that is stored in the middle of the pain, stress and suffering. The Toggle Treatment teaches you to treat yourself
I C - Offers All Top Brands nutritional Supplement @ Excluvie Discount.Buy Omnline & Get Discount Upto 60% Off At Store
I C RainforestPetSupplies - Rain Forest Pet Supply is online shop for all pet needs. We offer dog, cat, bird, fish, reptiles, exotic, ferrets and horse pet supply at affordable prices.
I C Bowen Directory - Directory of Bowen Therapy Technique practitioners, instructors, Books, Videos and Articles
I C The Master Cleanse / Raw Food Site - Largest Internet bulletin board/forum on the Master Cleanse with lots and lots of information and personal experiences. Also raw vegan recipes.
I C To Go Beyond - We sell a cellphone neutralizer which keeps people safe from electro-magnetic frequencies while using their cellphone, computer, television or anything else emitting EMFs.
I Erik Boudreau, ND - Naturopathic Doctor - Providing comprehensive Naturopathic Medical care in the Beaches (Toronto, ON).
I Erik Boudreau, ND - Naturopathic Doctor - Providing comprehensive Naturopathic Medical care in the Beaches (Toronto, ON).
I C Natural Matters - Natural, organic & complementary product and service directories, alternative therapists, articles, competitions, news. For people who care about their health & the world we live in.
I Ananda Apothecary - Aromatherapy, essential oils and flower essences with helpful online guides. Custom blending services.
I C The Natural Immune System Diet - The Natural Immune System Diet, based on the work of Dr. Henry Bieler author of Food Is Your Best Medicine, available as an Ebook or hardbound. The website itself presents a great deal of the book as well as a lot of Dr. Bieler's findings.
I C The WholeFood Farmacy - This site shows how food can be your medicine, by proper nutrition you can reach 100% of your potential
I C Weight Loss Specialists - Learn why eating lifeless food, drinking sugary drinks and living on the SAD will cause obesity
C Natural Aphrodisiac Boom! - Natural aphrodisiac Boom! is an herbal extract based on a chinese herbal formula. Boom! boosts sexual pleasure and helps to maintain healthy erectile function.
I C Crystal Energy Fields for Healing & Solving Problems - Crystal Energy Fields for Personal, Business, House Energy Correction; Vaastu, Fengshui, Bau-Biologie Remedies; NewAge Kabbalah Numerology; Clairvoyant Tarot Reading; Karma Reading; Psychic Reading.
I Naturopathic Health Information - Find out if Naturopathic Medicine can help you today! Alternative health & Naturopathic tips, news, recipes & more! Provided by Vanessa Lee, BSc, ND (Toronto).
C Alive and Aware Natural Health - Alive and Aware carries the best natural, vegan, and organic health and beauty products at discount prices.
I C Lose Weight for Life @ LifeWay - All your weight loss needs on one wellness site. Free Newsletters & Tips. Products & Information.
C Menopause Relief - Menopause relief eating Maca root. Get rid off all your symptoms today with this wonderful herb.
I C Detox Foot Spa - How foot spas work, testimonials from users, sources for treatments & purchase
I C Elementals Astrology for Mind Body & Spirit - Astrological and compatibility horoscopes, tarot, astral projection, numerology, psychics and much more, plus Alternative Health Stores, and directories of New Age and other information sites
Conscious Healing - The purpose of Conscious Healing is to offer an inspirational source to those who want to achieve ultimate healing and consciousness awakening.
I C American LifeWay Wellness - A one stop place for all your wellness, fitness and health needs. Products & Programs. Free health newsletters & Wellness information.
I C Paraben Free Skin-Care Products! - The intention of this web is to promote awareness of a recent breakthrough in the skin-care industry: complexes free of parabens and other chemical preservatives.
I C Save up to 45% on USANA Products, Fiber Cleanse and Sense - Purchase USANA Products and Sense' skin care products at up to 45% off retail prices. Purchase online at the web site of Jan Michael, Independent USANA Associate
I C N Z Maori Healing & Bodywork Training - Healing & Bodywork training using Maori and Island influences in nature's own New Zealand - the Crown Chakra of the World. Ancient beauty.
I C Humble Bee Health - Site for the "Master Cleanser" program, also known as the "lemonade diet". Info, books, & supplies for the famous detoxifying cleanse.
C XanGo(tm) Mangosteen Juice - Rich in scientifically documented xanthones, XanGo contains the whole fruit puree of the mangosteen.
I C Royal Jelly Store - Royal jelly and bee pollen supplements, includes natural skin care from Burt's Bees and beehive products include propolis
I C Save up to 45% Off Usana Vitamins and Sense' Skin Care! - Purchase pharmaceutical-grade USANA Vitamins and Sense' Skin Care at 45% off retail. Sense' features paraben-free, luxurious products which are never tested on animals.
C Rose Cottage Flower Essences - Flower essences for your spiritual path, earth/global changes, emotional/mental wellbeing. Articles, metaphysics to provoke reflection and thought.
C Preventive Medicine Society - alternative medicine certification board
I HeartSongHealing - Heart-centered, integrative therapy utilizing spiritual hypnosis, Reiki, past life regression, intuitive healing and energetic healing for self-empowerment and personal transformation.
I C Coconut Coast Natural Products Handmade Soap Co. - A Hawaii handmade soap company offering all natural bath and body products handcrafted with pure essential oils and locally grown organic botanicals.
I Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi - Discover the positive health effects of meditation, qigong and tai chi. The Buqi Magazine features articles and courses from Dr Shen Hongxun and his students.
I Discover Green Tea Benefits - Learn all about green tea. Discover the possible health benefits of green tea and green tea products.
I All Natural Cleansing - Information for all natural products for home, body, health & wellness through home-based business & wellness, new age weblinks
I C Peru Technologies - Site dedicated the the discoveries of the late Dr. Robert C. Beck, US based Self Help guru.
I C Connective Tissue Disorder Site - Explores alternative treatments, especially diet and yoga therapy, for disorders of connective tissue. Topics covered include TMJ, fibromyalgia, sciatica and neck pain,
I C A-Quantum-Reach - Helping people facing health care crises be effective in the health care arena. Training on listening to your intuition, partnering, learning to communicate effectively, and setting up local support teams.
I C Northeast Holistic Health Center - We come together as a community of healers with an appreciation of spirituality and compassion addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.
I C Soul Work - Self empowerment through multidimensional awareness, direct soul exploration and conscious transformation. - For a deeper understanding of the soul, spirituality, healing and guidance. Soul mastery training, advanced transformational products and services plus extensive articles, new spiritual perspectives, awareness exercises and advice.
I C Usana Vitamins and Sense' Skin Care - Usana's revolutionary anti-aging vitamins, weight loss products, fitness supplements and skin care. Purchase Usana and buy Sense' products online. The Sense Skin Care line includes natural spa quality facial, hair care and personal body care products. F
I Angels' Ascent Retreat and Spa - Affordable luxury in your own private retreat with magnificent mountain views on the historic Turquoise Trail. Pamper yourself with one of our luxurious spa treatments or just kick back and relax. Honeymoon, Romance, Spa and Activity Packages. Weight lo
I C Bath Salts, Handmade Soap, Body Spray, Essential Oils- - Bath Salts, Handmade Soap, Essential Oils, Body Scrubs and Body Sprays. Handmade with pure essential oils and herbs for natural aromatherapy benefits. Made when you order to ensure freshness.
I C Natural-Essential-Oils.Com : For Natural Aromatherapy Benefits - Essential Oils for Natural Aromatherapy benefits. All natural.
I - The Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine are dedicated to training and graduating highly qualified and motivated professional homoeopaths.
I Irish Academy of Massage - Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage courses for beginners and Post Graduates and instruction in complementary therapies. Exams approved by I.T.E.C., G.C.P.
I C Improve Vision: Natural Vision Improvement - Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery.
C Internatural Alternative Health - Large commercial site carries New Age books, videos, herbs, massage tools and spiritual growth products. Excellent service and fast delivery.
I C Connecticut Center for Universal REflexology - Center offer training in the universal method of reflexology. Also offered at the center are individual treatmnets in reflexology, reiki an lastone reflexology.
I C Alternative Health Networks - We offer various natural health alternatives, including: Herbal remedy solutions and flower essence formulas for men and women, alternative health products for headache and stress.
C - Energetic vibrational supplements for healing in body, mind and spirit - QLink, EMF balancing.
I MIRACLE PAIN RELIEF - Learn how to achieve fast, long-lasting relief from back pain, headaches, joint pain and stress with the amazing Bowen Technique.
I C The Natural Shopper - Beehive products include royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis with herbs and vitamins in bee supplements, including glucosamine chondroitin and ginseng for energy, immune system.
C Traditional Tibetan Herbs - Offers Tibetan medicinal herb supplements and related health products for a wide range of problems.
I C UTAHREIKI FOUNDATION - The Utah Reiki Foundation is made up of individuals from a rich diversity of backgrounds and experience. Each has come via their own path, with unique aspirations and dreams. However, we all share one universal characteristic — our singular commitment to
I C Body Basics: School of Body Therapy - Body Basics (UK) offers training in a variety of ITEC and APNT diploma courses in Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.
C SARA CARE, INC. - From India, standardized extracts of medicinal herbs which are formulated into therapeutic shampoos and conditioners based on Ayurveda. Eco-friendly, high-potency hair care.
I C Center for Life Force Healing - Information, directory of healers, and training courses in this gentle healing technique for balancing the flow and rhythm of the life force.
I C Tanglewood Wellness Center - Supervised fasting, seminars, and workshops at the Tanglewood Wellness Center near Washington, DC. Learn how you can create perfect health.
C Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic - Biotherapy combines traditional folk medicine, ancient Eastern medicine, American and European naturopathy, and recent Western technology to provide complete, all natural responses to healing needs.
I C Natural Elixir magazine - Natural Elixir magazine offers news and information from the world of natural health, as well as information on health toursim, health literature, herbal products, recipes, and more.
C Amazon Herb Company Home Page - Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs from Amazon Rainforest. Toll Free 800-835-0850, Discount Price Code #25632,
I C The Healthy New Age Success Center - Holistic health supplements including Intrasound Gel and Powder, Enzyme Essentials, flower essences, subliminal tapes, totem and crop circle essences, aromatherapy, online psychics directory, and large alternative healing section.
C Custom Craftworks Fine Bodywork Equipment - Custom Craftworks is here to serve you with the very finest in massage equipment including massage tables, portable massage tables, massage chairs and accessories.
C Healing Words - Caren Goldman's Healing Words website offers books, articles, quotations, affirmations, and other resources and research related to holistic mind, body and spiritual healing processes.
I C Energy Therapy - an alternative medicine for natural health - Energy Therapy reduces conflicting emotions and stress, and renews confidence, good health, and spiritual happiness. When the distortions are gone, the aura resumes integrating the body, mind, and spirit.
I C Positive Health Magazine - 1,000 complementary health articles, research database, training schools, complementary health practitioner listings, diary dates, a complete alternative health website.
C Laurel McKeever Gillis - This site describes a journal (available for purchase) of channeled messages detailing information on healing, self-help and aspects of the nonplanetary life.
I C - provides Injury Solution & Prevention Packages delivered via E-mail in video & still-frame images for common orthopedic injuries. Targeted sports injuries are for golfers and runners with a focus area in back pain, but apply to all with c
I C Hemi-SyncSource - Hemi-Sync music (Tapes and CDs) alters brain wave patterns. Uses: Health, wellness, learning, concentration, alternative medicine pain, sleep, stress, meditation, and exploring states of consciousness.
C The Option Institute - We are the International Learning and Teaching Center for The Option Process, offering personal growth programs to help people maximize their success and happiness. Send for our FREE video and brochure!
C Essence of Tasmania - Vibrational remedies for body, mind and spirit made from the oldest plants in the world from the island of Tasmania. Descriptions, photos of plants, energetic pathways.
I The best breathing exercise. - Site is in 7 languages. It explains a traditional exercise that relaxes our breathing muscle (diaphragm) with wonderful results.
I C Essential Oils Now ! - Organic, therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements, and personal care products for body, mind and soul.
I Spirituele Therapie - Wezenlijke therapie met chakra's en aura - Spirituele Therapie -bezielde, empatische en interactieve therapievorm - invoelen in subtiele gevoelsenergie van de chakra's en aura. Begeleiden, NU nemen van bewuste, concrete stappen naar heelheid.
I C Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club - Holistic health and alternative medicine information center, created by a leading naturopathic physician. Includes a complete self-care guide to herbs, nutritional supplements and natural remedies.
I C HealthyMindBody - Learn to Live Happier, Longer, and Better !!! - Self-help site containing quizzes, stories, and question and answer categories; focusing upon developing self-awareness, inner harmony, openness and compassion.
I C - Free selfhypnosis training! - Free online audio training in relaxation, meditation, and self-hypnosis; daily lessons to enhance personal motivation and feelings of well-being.
I C New World Music - Music for Relaxation and Mind Body & Soul. Featuring over 200 music albums with free Sound Files and secure ordering.
I C Institute of Technical Energy Medicine (ITEM) - Free reports on bioenergy medicine and magnet therapy, Aura and Brain imaging technology, Bioenergy devices, and International Certification Program in Energy Medicine and Bioenergy Sciences.
C COMPOUND X - Compound X is a unique formula that has reached through time, over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization today.
I C Synergy - Health and Well being Resources - Health Directory for United Kingdom Practictioner Directory and Links , Nutritional Supplements Green Pages - Organic Food and GM Info
I Applying Cayce Medicine - The A.R.E. Clinic has for 30 years researched and applied the holistic health concepts of the Edgar Cayce readings.
I Alternative Health Database and Search Engine - Searchable alternative health database of services, products, & information available online; easily access hundreds of related sites; search by category, alphabetically, keywords.
C Farmácia Homeopática Ilúmina - Farmácia Homeopática com entrega à domicilio e Farmacêuticos Homeopatas sempre presentes.
C Reiki Attunements Worldwide - The opportunity for any person with good intentions to become a permanently attuned, fully certified Reiki Master, from anywhere in the world.
I C Wellness Associates - An integrative health center that combines preventive medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, traditional Chinese medicine, qigong, massage, chiropractic, and environmental medicine to help clients attain optimal health.
I C Alexander Technique - The Complete Guide - The Alexander Technique is a century-old method of helping people learn how to release harmful stress. This site links to all Alexander Technique resourses.
I C Health Journeys - Belleruth Naparstek's new Health Journeys website offers guided imagery audiotapes, books, new research info, recommended resources, FAQ's, audio samples and a discussion forum.
I Holistic Healing Web Page - Articles on Holistic Healing / Alternative Medicine. Case Histories of Healing, Conference Listings, News Items, 1000+ Links, Mailing Lists, Practitioner Directories & much more
I C The Kevala Centre - Professional Holistic health resources, information and training.
I C Stress Education Center - Get Back in Control! Articles, books, tapes, and seminars. Stress/Change management, coaching for enhanced performance and pain control. Develop peace-of-mind & self-acceptance.
I C Redwing Books - For over twenty years we have been providing books covering the entire range of holistic health, oriental medicine, and complementary health care.
I C Healing Hands Center - Heal pain and injury with Holistic Touch. Rejuvenate, relax! Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with Coahcing.
I C Loving Life - The Barhydts have for years been the originators of simple, yet profound self-help techniques to move people through learning disability, chronic pain, and stress.
Medicine leech (Macrobdella decora) - leech therapy -
I C Massage Therapy Clinic London UK Alternative Medicine Complementary Health - Massage service in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or at our treatment rooms.
Rice n Shine - The Heart Healthy Meal Replacement - A wonderfuly nutritious food source made with stabilized rice bran. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
I C Austin Tea Company - Browse a wide variety of healthy loose teas from Austin Tea Company. We offer a large selection of herbal teas and ayurvedic teas.
I C Terra Spiritual Wares (TSW) - beta site - TSW is a convenient source for Specialty & New Age Products where you will have a Peace o f Mind with your Socially Conscious Purchases.
I Massage Therapy Guide - Information on Massage therapy and various massage techniques like body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, therapeutic massage and sports massage. Information on different massage oils, lotions and massage equipment.

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